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Services Offered

Pipitone Irrigation works on commercial and residential properties on Long Island, in both Nassau and Suffolk Counties. No matter the size of the property, we can help make your lawn, garden, or commercial property look healthy and beautiful with a customized solution that suits your needs. With our services your landscape will consistently maintain a healthy and vibrant look in a more efficient manner, which saves you time and money. Click the buttons below to learn more about each of our services.

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To find out how to get a healthier lawn, give us a call us at (516) 756-0351 or click the button below for a free estimate.

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Set up an appointment today, and let’s get your lawn looking great. Be sure to ask about our military and senior discounts.


From commercial to residential properties, here at Pipitone Irrigation we guarantee our installations for up to 2 years, with scheduled on-site maintenance visits.

Sprinkler System Installation

Starting the first week in April, we will be scheduling appointments for sprinkler system estimates and installations. Our service technicians will sit down and design an irrigation system that is a perfect fit for your property.

Turn On Service

We will begin scheduling appointments in early April to turn your sprinkler systems on. Our service technicians will check sprinkler heads, replace nozzles, check for leaks, adjust timers, and address any other issues you may have.

Back Flow Testing

On an annual basis, the New York State Board of Health requires a backflow test be performed by a certified backflow tester. Throughout the spring, we are available to perform these tests.  A differential pressure gauge is used to ensure the integrity of the internal check valves against reverse water flow.


Starting in October we will be scheduling appointments to winterize your sprinkler system.  Compressed air is used to evacuate water from the system, a procedure that prevents pipes from freezing, which can result in costly damage. There are no chemicals used during this process.

Repair Services

We also offer repair services. From rotary and mist heads to clocks and sprinkler valves, if it’s related to your sprinkler system we can fix it. All our service is guaranteed for up to 90-days after a repair.

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Organic Fertigation

Organic fertigation is an easy and safe way to fertilize your lawn. Using only organic fertilizer, Pipitone Irrigation guarantees our installations for up to 2 years, with scheduled on-site maintenance visits for those interested in a “hands off” approach to a beautiful lawn.

Depending on the size of the property, you may only have to fill the tank approximately 3 times per season. With an existing irrigation system in place, we simply install a small tank underground, connect it into the irrigation system, and fill the tank with fertilizer. When the system turns on, your lawn gets fed strictly organic feed.

Our fertigation systems absorb at a higher rate because we use liquid fertilizer rather than granular.  Liquid fertilizers absorb into the plants, roots and leaves, while granular fertilizers are limited to the root systems

To ensure the greenest and healthiest lawn, consider adding a fertigation system to your existing sprinkler system. Other products available for your fertigation system include organic weed and pest control.

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Landscape Lighting

Whether you want to add a lighted pathway up to your home or around your pool or shed light on specimen trees and architectural features, we offer landscape lighting to accentuate your property’s greatest attributes. Our accent lighting provides the perfect amount of light to make your property look its best at night. Our 12 volt lights are safe around pools, ponds, and all irrigation systems, making them the safest alternative for outdoor lighting. Please contact us for an estimate to install low-voltage, exterior lights around your swimming pool, patio, or other outdoor areas.

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